Guro Håkensen
Guro Håkensen


Guro Håkensen, was born in Oslo, Norway, in 1969. From an early age she began to paint with a strongly expressionist style, inspired by nature, to which she feels a deep bond, due to her culture and its roots in the ancient native Sami people.

In Norway she undertakes an international career as a shipping specialist, not giving up on her passion for art, after a career transfer to Italy in 2002, she decides to deepen her artistic training, first in Lorenzo Rossi's atelier, art professor graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, then some years having her artworks evaluated by the artist Elisabeth Werp.

In Italy she exhibits in many temporary exhibitions, starting from the one dedicated to "Feamale strenght" in 2010 in Albenga, up to the exhibition "Migrantes" in Sicily in 2019 and at the "Leonardo da Vinci" exhibition in 2021 in Genoa at the Galata Museum.

She currently lives in Liguria where her art studio is based.


Guro Håkensen uses an original technique; on a wooden or recycled cardboard base, she glues torn pieces of jute canvas, then paints with acrylic, filler and leafs of gold, to create figurative elements in earth tones. The canvas is therefore not only a simple support, but becomes part of the artwork in order to represent naturalness and strength of intertwining between humans. The expression of the bond with the earth and nature is a reflection of the Sami culture; in particular the fragments of the canvas symbolize the precariousness of life, its constant changing course, to which we must adapt.

The images are reinforced by intense graphic signs, which have references in the Viennese expressionism, in particular Schiele. The artist creates almost faceless figures, which have great plastic strength and at the same time a profound harmony, built on a few shades of color, they look like statues, apparitions. In the artworks there are explicit figurative references to nature, since this closeness is expressed in a spiritual sense, in the idea of respect, of listening, in the connection of mankind with its deepest self.

The artworks tells fragments of life stories, which encourage us to stop and reflect; the images, timeless icons, express a “meditative serenity”, an invitation to listen to nature, to connect with your self. It is an artistic language which recalls ancient times and at the same time contemporary references, aimed to restor value to the human being and the bonds between men, deep bonds that are not the superficial ones focused on wealth, money, power.
In a world that is running faster and faster, the art of Guro Håkensen offers the opportunity to stop, to breathe, to dvelve into its intense images, the colors of the earth, the intertwining of the canvas, the echoes of the silences of the Sami culture, to allow you to experience a moment of contact with your inner self and with the beauty of existence here and now.



Limited edition Hand-colored

misure a richiesta
da 30 x 50 cm fino a 100 x 130 cm, su carta o tela


OriginsGuro Håkensen has her roots in the indigneous populations Kven and Sami, in the farest north of Norway.
The Kven is the name of Finnish descendant with a long history in Norway. The Sami, “semi-nomadic” indigenous people comes from the region of Sàpmi, best known for reindeer herding.


Guro Haakensen
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